I don’t mean to sound glib, but it’s true: 2020 knocked me right back to an earlier time, an era when my brain was less organized, my autonomic system geared more toward fight than flight and life was a daring adventure filled with mystery and exciting, sinister forces.

I acquired a puppy this year, a husband-encouraged whim and one which I do not regret even though, true to form, I catastrophize the future, worrying that she is getting too much exercise and her bones will grow funny, or that she’ll dart into traffic and I’ll have to fling myself between…

Bret Weinstein’s dual-candidacy experiment is hopeless. So why is he doing it?

Bret Weinstein (Arc)

The American political system is hopelessly riven, and that’s exactly the way a lot of people like it. For some, the dysfunction is an opportunity to gain money, power, or influence. For others, it’s a grim, curiously exciting confirmation that the old way of doing things no longer works. Bret Weinstein, a former biology professor with a large social media following, appears to be one of those people. As a committed left-winger — or former left-winger, if you ask some of his critics — Weinstein believes the American two-party system is fatally corrupt. …

It’s a pitiless world

Karen was my best friend in high school. Blond. A drinker. Smart; thirsty for intellectual stimulation to go with her gin and tonics. Her nickname was something like Missy, and frat boys liked her. She married one, to her eventual chagrin. He spoiled the best years of her life.

My Karen, for all her personal tragedies, takes the time to post lovingly on social media. Karen is flawed, kind and beautiful. She reads and writes and works and drinks and laughs at the absurd turns life takes. Maybe she’d laugh less, and drink less, if she weren’t white. That is…

Exhausted nurse falls asleep in front of her computer.
Exhausted nurse falls asleep in front of her computer.

The world shifted. It started in January, in the Chinese city of Wuhan. A large industrial centre that few Westerners gave a moment’s thought to even once in their lives, it quickly grew to illustrate what a twenty-first century apocalypse looked like.

Large-scale social control, brutal, bloodless organization of human beings by masked authorities acting in the best interests of a frightened populace. Rumours of bats, wet markets, and ancient nutrition practices born of necessity and held aloft by tradition collided with conspiracy theories, politics, and the virus’s inexorable slither across China’s borders.

The eerily sudden upending of normal social…

Photo credit: Max Goldberg

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen. The show’s already started, but don’t worry, it’s a circus in there and it doesn’t matter when you come in. The bar’s open, and trust me, you’ll want to fortify yourself.

Donald Trump is a joke, a trickster, a liar, a salesman, a schmoozer, a womanizer. He’s crass to the point of caricature, and that’s the way he likes it: the golden toilets, the life-sized portraits of himself, the fake Time covers, the spray tans, the wrestling, the porn stars. He’s a poorly aging frat boy, a sinister backslapper with a rapey, clacketty leer. He’s a shirker who slobbers over men and women in the military while his phantom bone spurs throb with the shame his scrambled brain can’t produce on its own. His rhetoric is poisonous, his compliments barbed with…

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